New Members must be in the club for one (1) year before applying for a campsite assignment, be at  least twenty one (21) years old and own a horse.

Members that want campsites need to fill out a Campsite Application Form and submit it to the Campsite Committee to be processed, dated and put on the Campsite Waiting List

When the member gets to the top of the list and when a site or sites become available then the member is notified and has 14 days to respond and make a decision if they are interested in the site or not. 


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Campsite: $25.00 will be collected each year due on or before the March meeting. “Campsite Maintenance  Gravel Fund” will be collected from each an every campsite assignee including all "Lifetime member assignees.. This fee will be earmarked for secondary road maintenance and water access to more campsites.

  “CAMPSITE MAINTENANCE GRAVEL FUND” will be used for gravel and water hydrant maintenance and additional hydrants.  Roadway gravel will be spread in a uniform thin even layer. The water hydrant locations will be determined by serving the most campsites

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